How to Remove Watermarks in Documents

Some documents created with the Microsoft Word word processor use semi-transparent watermarks, which are usually displayed on a page with text content. Learn how to remove watermarks in the article below.

Important Information to Know About the Watermarks in Documents

A watermark is a word or image placed on a significant part of a page or document. It is usually placed in a light gray hue so that both the content and the watermark can be seen and read. In the background, you must have noticed a corporate logo, a company name, or phrases such as Confidential or Draft. Watermarks are used to protect the copyright of items such as cash or government/private documents that you don’t want others to think are yours.

Watermarks in Microsoft Word help users make certain aspects of a document obvious to readers. Hence, it is used to deter counterfeiting. Sometimes you may need to remove a watermark in Microsoft Word and it may not budge. If you’re having trouble with this, keep reading to find out how to remove watermarks from Word documents.

The basis for the significance of watermarks at the present stage was a combination of all these factors. At the same time, the activity of these processes is very often affected by the presence of crisis situations. In a crisis, many companies, in an effort to avoid a deterioration in their financial position and even bankruptcy, very often join a more successful competitor.

There is an opinion that if there is a watermark boom in the national market and there is an increase in the number of free funds from companies, this leads to stimulation of inflation, as companies will attract investments, increase salaries, and this money will enter the economy. If the owners of the company are ripe to share control of the company with outside shareholders.

The Best Way to Removing Watermarks

Although digital technologies are mainly used to add watermarks today, the term “watermark” itself dates back several centuries. Previously, in order to see the watermark, it was necessary to hold the paper up to the light or wet it, and watermarks were applied to wet paper. This is how the term we use to this day came about.

How to remove a watermark in Word from all pages:

  • Open the Word document that contains the watermark.
  • Select “Watermark” in the “Design” section. For Word 2010/2007 users, you can choose “Watermark” in “Page Layout” instead.
  • Click “Remove Watermark” from the drop-down menu. Later, you can quickly remove the watermark in Word documents in Windows.

If you use Word frequently, you’ve most likely seen or received a document with the words “Do Not Copy” or “Confidential” barely visible against the background of the document. This is a watermark, which is text or an image that appears behind the content of a document. Typically, a watermark sets limits on a document or identifies a company. Adding a watermark to a Word document is a simple and straightforward process. In this article, you will learn how to make a watermark in Word.

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